Venice, 2018.

Some praise for Venice:

“This is extraordinary songwriting. Intimate pop with arena sized emotions doesn’t get better than this.” – ViralSounds

“Not that he has lost any of the otherworldly magic present on “Pacifico”, on the contrary, I feel that “Venice” is even more transcendental than his previous work.” – JamSphere

“Brice Sedgwick’s New EP Proves To Be A Masterpiece” – Warlock Asylum International News

Pacifico, 2017.


Some praise for Pacifico:

“A stand out record. This is an album that has its route planned to perfection” – Dancing About Architecture.

“Truly interesting and innovative” – The Band Camp Diaries

“I’m not sure a song can get more heartfelt than this.” – The Ratings Game.

“Pacifico’ is a beautiful record through and through.” –