About Brice Sedgwick

“A Class Act In Musical Innovation” – Warlock Asylum International News.

Brice Sedgwick is an Australian musician, singer, songwriter, performer, living room dancer, who has spent the last couple of decades performing both in Australia, on stage and in a studio, and in London, once again, on stage and in a studio.

Sedgwick recently finished a regional tour of Victoria, Australia, where he performed an intimate showcasing of his debut album, Pacifico, and played at historic and heritage listed venues, such as the VRI in Traralgon, and opened for the prestigious René Magritte exhibition in November 2017.

Sedgwick has been featured on the ABC, Little Water Radio in New York City, The Plug magazine in Los Angeles, and a variety of publications over the world.

His follow up to last years critically successful, Pacifico, is due next month. Entitled Venice, it features the sound of surf and tremolo guitars, images of sun drenched coastal noir, with arena sized emotions it its core.