Venice. 3.11.18

Hey everyone,
Having a chat with the one and only Barry Whitehead on ABC around 10:45am AEST (3:45pm California/6:45pm East Coast/11:45pm GMT). Tune in and have a listen to us chat about Venice, HERE!

UPDATE: Hey guys, you can catch a link to the ABC interview with Barry Whitehead HERE! Let me know what you think! Thanks again Barry for having me on ABC Radio, pleasure to talk Venice.




I have a new record coming out. It’s called Venice. I think it’s pretty damn cool. Pre-orders open February 10th, and it goes on sale March 11th. A lot of hard work, sweaty shirts, laughter, tears and coffee went into this record. When you pre-order you get two songs immediately. You may have noticed the cover floating around on various press pieces that have been coming out. And you may, or may not, have noticed the seagulls on the cover. It’s all about finding the perfection in imperfections. And that, to me, is perfect. Pre-order yourself a copy. Buy a copy. Tell your friends. Make the songs your own.

March 11th. Venice. Let’s celebrate.


American Track Music Awards has named me a finalist in their Best Independent Artist category.

Wow, ViralSounds in Italy have named me their “Best Artist of the Month”.

“This is extraordinary songwriting. Intimate pop with arena sized emotions doesn’t get better than this,” and “this is why we chose Brice as The Best Artist of the Month. If you haven’t heard of Brice Sedgwick, you soon will.”

What an incredible honor. Grazie, ViralSounds.

Hey Guys! Iggy Magazine, in France, has done a piece on my upcoming music. Check it out!


Thanks to everyone who came out to see me play over the past few months. It was so much fun to see you all, and it was SO much fun to play the album live. Just me. Just you. And just a piano. Can’t wait to see you all again in 2018. Making some new jams, and can’t wait to play them for you all. Thanks for the support. Have a great holiday season!

“A Class Act In Musical Innovation” – Warlock Asylum International News.

Pacifico, the debut recording from singer-songwriter Brice Sedgwick, is currently available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. 

Sedgwick’s debut album has been called “a stand out record… this is an album that has its route planned to perfection” (dancing about architecture), “truly interesting and innovative” (The Band Camp Diaries), “(…)heartfelt…” (The Ratings Game), “Pacifico’ is a beautiful record through and through” (

Pacifico flows as an alternative pop record that takes its musical cues from hip hops beats and industrial synths, to bluegrass mandolins and psychedelic rock, and beautifully incorporates cinematic strings reminiscent of classic Hollywood.

Stand out songs include “Next Round Of Rum”, with hooks that will be in your head for days, “Starry Night”, a beautifully visceral ballad, “Mandy Moore,” and “Midnight In Echo”, an ode to the east side suburb of Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Sedgwick is finished recording his follow up record, Venice, which has been described as “Coastal noir pop meets southern California.”

He is also writing a new end title song for the digital series, Dudes. 

Pacifico, 2017.


Some praise for Pacifico:

“Truly interesting and innovative” – The Band Camp Diaries
“I’m not sure a song can get more heartfelt than this.” – The Ratings Game.
“Pacifico’ is a beautiful record through and through.” –
“A stand out record. This is an album that has its route planned to perfection” – Dancing About Architecture.